Our Major Achievements

  1. AIMS was formally launched in 1999 having the rare distinction of being the first private investment/asset management company in Bangladesh and remained the only one for the next decade.
  2. AIMS has brought about qualitative changes in the finance sector in general and the capital market in particular through introducing innovative products and new approaches to investment management in Bangladesh, specializing in Mutual Funds.
  3. AIMS conceived the idea, launched, and managed the Tk70 million pioneering first mutual fund scheme in Bangladesh under private initiative (2000), the AIMS First Guaranteed Mutual Fund, as the Asset Manager. It was sponsored by top ranked financial institutions, which played a pioneering role in developing a matured investment culture in the country. The size of the Scheme was later increased to Tk140 million by the general unitholders (2005). The closed-end Scheme had a unique capital guarantee feature, hitherto unknown in the local market. It was listed at the stock exchanges and redeemed in 2016, being the first such incidence in the local capital market.
  4. AIMS is also the Asset Manager of the first Multi-Scheme and second private mutual fund in Bangladesh, the Grameen Mutual Fund One, sponsored by the Grameen Bank, founded by the Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus and regarded as the innovator of the concept of microcredit. It floated a Tk170 million first closed-end Scheme (2005) as an avenue to embark in the capital markets by the poor rural members of Grameen Bank and was designed as a product that can bridge them with the mainstream urban economy and take advantage of the growth potentials. The Scheme was redeemed in 2016. The Fund also launched a Tk1.25 billion second Scheme (2008) with tenure up to 2028 which is also listed at the stock exchanges.
  5. AIMS is also the Asset Manager of the Reliance Insurance Mutual Fund sponsored by Reliance Insurance Limited which launched a Tk550 million closed-end growth Scheme (2011) with tenure up to 2031. It is listed at the stock exchanges.
  6. AIMS was the first institution to introduce the concept of asset securitization by financing institutions in Bangladesh by acting as the Advisor to BRAC, the largest NGO in the world, on feasibility of the securitization of their microcredit receivables in a pioneering attempt (2001).
  7. AIMS has few unique specialized investment products on the drawing board, including Index, Sariah Compliant, Diaspora, Green Field and Sector & Industry Specific funds.
  8. AIMS launched the first open-end mutual fund Scheme under its management (2022), the Micro-Savers Special Purpose Growth Scheme of the co-branded Grameen Bank-AIMS First Unit Fund in perpetuity with the objective of ensuring financial inclusion in the capital market.