International Conference & Meetings

  1. Led a 26-member Bangladesh delegation to the South Asia Regional Debt Market Symposium at Bentota, Sri Lanka, under auspices of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), an affiliate of the World Bank, which charted a ‘road map’ for development of a debt securities market in Bangladesh (1999).
  2. Conducted a high-level training program on ‘Securitization of Receivables’ for the nonbank financial institutions (NBFIs), including the housing and leasing companies, under the Financial Institutions Development Program (FIDP) of the World Bank and at the invitation of the Bangladesh Bank (2001).
  3. Revealed a study on ‘Asset Securitization in Bangladesh’ for high-level officials of the Central Bank and the Securities & Exchange Commission at the World Bank Dhaka Office that was video linked with the World Bank Head Office, Washington DC (2001).
  4. Acted as the Rapporteur of the breakout session on ‘The Role of the Private Sector’ at a Seminar on the Interim Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (iPRSP) jointly organized by International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Government of Bangladesh (2002).
  5. Represented at the 4th to 10th OECD Asian Roundtable on Corporate Governance (Mumbai 2002, Kuala Lumpur 2003, Seoul 2004, Bali 2005, Bangkok 2006, Singapore 2007 and Hong Kong 2008) and the IFC-OECD Corporate Governance Meeting in Vietnam (Hanoi 2004). Also attended the publication ceremony of the OECD Asian White Paper on Corporate Governance at the ADB Institute (Tokyo 2003).
  6. Represented at the 1st to 10th Asian Pension Fund Roundtable sponsored by the Pacific Pension Institute (PPI) and the Asia Foundation, to initiate a regional network of pension fund managers and regulators (Bangkok 2003, Tokyo 2004, Beijing 2005, Seoul 2006, Singapore 2007, Kyoto 2008, Bangkok 2009, Kowloon 2010, Kuala Lumpur 2011 and Jakarta 2012).
  7. Represented Bangladesh and presented Country Paper at the 18-country 9th to 24th Asia Oceania Regional Meeting of the International Investment Fund Associations (Delhi 2004, Manila 2005, Beijing 2006, Lahore 2007, Tokyo 2008, Taipei 2009, Kota Kinabalu 2010, Singapore 2011, Hong Kong 2012, Delhi 2013, Seoul 2014, Bangkok 2015, Hong Kong 2016, Manila 2017, Xi’an 2018, Macau 2019).
  8. Represented at an Executive Education Program on Corporate Governance for Institutional Investors at the Asian Institute of Corporate Governance (AICG), with special emphasis on pension fund management (Seoul, 2004).
  9. Represented at a Corporate Governance Leadership Program of the Global Corporate Governance Forum (GCGF) and World Bank (Washington DC, 2005).