Our Capabilities

  1. AIMS is experienced in designing, establishing, and managing Trust Funds, including Mutual Funds, Pension & Superannuation Funds as well as Start-up and Venture Capital and is also capable of constructing and managing portfolios of diverse nature and characteristics.
  2. AIMS is experienced in conceiving, developing, structuring, launching, and marketing appropriate financial instruments for raising and managing capital, suiting specific needs.
  3. AIMS is also experienced in devising alternative non-traditional corporate finance instruments like asset and mortgage-backed securitization.
  4. AIMS is experienced in corporate and financial advisory services, including debt and equity valuation, credit analysis, feasibility studies and conducting due diligence exercise.
  5. AIMS is capable of independently carrying out diagnostic research including micro- as well as macroeconomic and sector specific research studies.
  6. AIMS has the capabilities for delivering corporate restructuring, human resources, legal and management solutions, and services.
  7. AIMS also has the capabilities for advising and arranging cross-border joint venture undertakings and on mergers & acquisitions as well as strategic holdings, divestment, and privatization.