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Grameen Bank-Aims First Unit Fund

Micro-savers special purpose growth scheme

Bridge for financial inclusion

Today's NAV

NAV per Unit at market:

Tk 10.30

Purchase Price per Unit:

Tk 10.35

Sell/Surrender Price per Unit:

Tk 10.25

ইউনিট প্রতি নীট সম্পদ বাজারমূল্যে:


বিনিয়োগকারীর ক্রয় মূল্য:


বিনিয়োগকারীর বিক্রয়/সমর্পণ মূল্য:


Performance of mutual fund

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About Us

AIMS is equipped with a team of expert capital market professionals, research analysts, and economists to run the outfit. The core management team was recruited with experienced managers formally with leading institutions at home and abroad. Since then it has developed homegrown experts with unique philosophy of engaging in ethical business for gross corporate happiness. Our maiden venture, AIMS First Guaranteed Mutual Fund, a closed-end balanced fund, was launched in March 2000. The public float was oversubscribed by eight times. The Fund was listed on the stock exchanges in May 2000 creating a landmark in the history of the capital market in Bangladesh.

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Nav Cagr Since Inception

The Journey Since 1999

AIMS of Bangladesh Limited

It was the first step of a long journey and there was no looking back. In a short time AIMS positioned itself at home and abroad as a proactive research-oriented and knowledge-based financial advisory and services manager as well as a solution provider, specializing in diagnostic analysis, product design, development, and launch, earning confidence all along the way.

On our ninth year of operation, we procured and moved to our own office premise. Our capacity to deliver and the capabilities of AIMS is further manifested on being appointed as the Fund Manager of the internationally acclaimed and Nobel Laurate Grameen Bank founded by Professor Muhammad Younus for a mutual fund sponsored by it as well as advising BRAC, the largest NGO in the world, on the feasibility of the securitization of their micro-credit receivables in a pioneering attempt. We also worked with the World Bank on developing the local Bond market and Pension reforms as well as the Asian Development Bank on policy formulation for banking and capital market reforms and privatization of state-owned enterprises in Bangladesh.

We have thrived under challenge and excelled in habitually venturing into hitherto unexplored grounds and are committed to continuing to do so to the satisfaction of our clients, patrons, and friends.

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