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AIMS of Bangladesh is the Asset Manager for the Grameen Mutual Fund One, the second closed-end private mutual fund in Bangladesh, the Grameen Mutual Fund One sponsored by the Grameen Bank, founded by Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus, regarded as the innovator of micro-credit. It was in actualization of the objectives of the visionary Professor to devise an avenue to embark in the capital markets by creating a cost-effective and dependable financial instrument for the poor clients of Grameen Bank and design a product that can bridge the vast poor with the mainstream urban economy, give them ownership in the leading enterprises, and take advantage of the growth potentials. Grameen Fund, a not-for profit venture capital financing enterprise of the Grameen family is the Trustee and the Standard Chartered Bank is the Custodian of the fund. It is listed at the Dhaka & the Chittagong Stock Exchanges.


Fund Name

Grameen Mutual Fund One

Scheme Name

1. Grameen One
2. Grameen Two

Paid up Capital:
Date of listing:
Grameen One : TK 170 million
Grameen Two : TK 1.25 billion 

04 September 2005


Redemption at Maturity on June 30, 2015.

Face Value:

Tk 10 (Taka Ten only)

Market Lot:

500 units of Tk 10 each

Tax Status:

Investment and income, including capital gain, of the Fund is tax exempt

Investment Parameter: 

Unlike traditional mutual funds available in Bangladesh, the Fund will invest in both equity (stock market) and fixed income securities (FIS)




Nature & Style

This team-managed all-weather Fund is a closed-end balanced mutual fund. It mostly will focus on preservation of principal and at the same time earn moderate return for the shareholders. Because of the balanced nature, the Fund is less risky than the existing all-equity mutual funds available in the market.
The portfolio will be a growth-value blend basket of large-cap as well as small-cap stocks and a mix of fixed income securities.
In order to increase the profit potential, the management company will have the flexibility to use market timing to move between stocks and Fixed Income Securities in any percentage they deem prudent when investment conditions change.
The management company will adopt both fundamental and quantitative investing approach for the Fund. All investment decisions will be backed by thorough in-house fundamental and technical research.
AIMS of Bangladesh Limited
Asset & Investment Management Services of Bangladesh Limited, the solution provider in the visualization, is the Manager of the Fund. Mr. Monzurul Haque is the Chairman and Mr. Yawer Sayeed is the Managing Director & CEO of the company.
Grameen Bank
Grameen Bank is the Sponsor of the ‘Grameen Mutual Fund One’. As the Sponsor, Grameen Bank has provided an initial capital of Tk16.5 million to the first Scheme of the Fund. The Bank has also set the objectives and policy guidelines of the Fund through authoring and executing the Trust Deed and the Investment Management

Grameen Bank was established under the Grameen Bank Ordinance, 1983, operating with an objective to alleviate poverty through financial services, especially by providing micro-credit. Empowering poor people is the ultimate objective of the Bank. The Government of Bangladesh owns 5% of the Bank and the rest 95% is held by the borrowers of the Bank. Mr. Tobarak Hossain is the Chairman and Professor Muhammad Yunus is the founder Managing Director of the Bank. The Government nominates three directors including the Chairman and nine other directors are elected representatives from among the Grameen borrowers.
Grameen Fund
Grameen Fund, a venture capital undertaking of the Grameen family limited by guarantee is the Trustee of the Fund. Established in 1994, Grameen Fund dedicated itself in promoting, managing and financing various enterprises, which aims to create wealth for ultimate poverty alleviation. Professor Muhammad Yunus is the Chairman and Mr. Faizur Razzaque is the Managing Director of this non-profit company. Grameen Fund has constituted a Trustee Committee with  Mr. Hafuzuddin Khan former Comptroller & Auditor General of Bangladesh and Advisor to the Caretaker Government and Mr. Giasuddin Ahmed former Managing Director of Investment Corporation of Bangladesh (ICB).
BRAC Bank Limited
BRAC Bank Limited, operating in Bangladesh since 2001, is one of the largest private commercial banks of the country. BRAC Bank is providing custodial services to foreign and local investors since 2010. They are the fastest growing custodial bank of the country having dedicated Custodial Services Department.


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